In May 2019 we moved to a new place which we simply call „Die Mühle“ - it used to be a mill for many years, even surviving WWII.


The 90 m² live room in the old mill used to be their corn storage and is connected to the control room in our house via multicore and CAT5.

We have installed enough power so it's possible to run full lighting productions for tour rehearsals and live video recordings.


The control room used to be the main office of this place for many decades.

It consists of a maxed-out 2019 iMac, 3 cascaded Universal Audio Apollo interfaces, lots of plugins, analog vintage and contemporary synthesizers, a Russian piano, an old 60's Ludwig kit and a new Tama Starclassic Performer kit. 

All synths are synced via Midi and connected to a small mixer, so it's easy to route any sound through some nice outboard pedals.


Thanks to the combination of ADAM's S3V midfield-monitors, the ADAM Sub 10 and some really effective acoustic treatment, the sound in this room is very satisfying to work with. The frequency range goes from 25hz up to 50000hz..


Surrounded by nature and animals (2 dogs, 4 horses, +/- 20 chickens and 1 cat), this place is a perfect environment to be creative without any distraction. 


We are providing a fully equipped flat for our guests with 4 sleeping rooms, kitchen, balcony, sauna and a recently renovated floor-heated bath room.


If you are interested in renting the studio, looking for remote drum recordings or additional synth-/ percussion layers for your production,

feel free to send us message.