This is my cosy little studio in the harbour of Wilhelmsburg/Hamburg. Every instrument in this room is miked/patched and ready to record, so creativity can evolve instantly.

The room might look small but it has two doors - one to a smaller corridor, and one to a big staircase, which provides adjustable and quite massive room sounds.

disclaimer: nothing of this is properly mixed!




60's Ludwig White Marine Pearl:

22" x 14" Bassdrum

13" x 8" Tom

16" x 16" Floor Tom


14"x5,5" Gretsch Free Floating

14"x6" Tama Starphonic Maple
14"x5" DW Collector's All Maple 



15" Meinl Byzance Medium Thin Extra Dry Hi Hat

22" Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Ride

20" Meinl Byzance Jazz Medium-Thin Ride

22" Meinl Byzance Jazz Medium-Thin Ride

22" Meinl Byzance Medium Crash



Adam A7X Speakers

Focusrite Saffire 52 Liquid Interface

Focusrite Octopre MKII Dynamic 

TAE Mixbus Compressor
ESI Subwoofer
MacBook Pro (2017)
Logic Pro X 

UAD-2 Satellite

lots of high quality plugins (UAD, Softube, Soundtoys, Lexicon, Waves, Native Instruments etc.)



Roland Juno 60

Moog Minitaur 

Korg Minilogue

Arturia Mictro Brute 

Roland SPDS-X + Kick/Snare-Triggers

Roland KD-7 Kick-Controller

Ableton Push 2 / Ableton Live Suite

Fender Telecaster 

Frieder's Piano

Sonor Glockenspiel

several shakers, tambourines, accent cymbals, etc.



Strymon El Capistan

Strymon Flint

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy Deluxe 

ProCo Rat

Mooer Pitch Box

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay


2x SE Electronics Voodoo VR 1

1x Shure SM7B

1x Shure Beta 52 
1x Shure Sm 57

3x Sennheiser MD 421 II
3x Sennheiser E 908 D 
2x Sennheiser E 614 
2x Audix ADX 51 

2x T.Bone RB500  


Shure SE535-CL In-Ears
Phonic HelixBoard 18
Art 8 Splitter -> Multicore -> FOH(live)/Interface(Studio)